Warehouse of Fear

Warehouse of Fear: Ages 10-Adult. It is pretty amazing what 3 feet of mud and river water can inspire you to change. The haunt was rebuilt from the ground up this year. For those who have been with us from the beginning there are changes. The rooms are smaller with tighter spaces. Price $13
Plot: There a total of 24 rooms, as always the rooms are movie set quality. Each room is designed to play upon your fears. Clowns? Death? Dentists? Tight Spaces? Spiders? Snakes? you will find them all and more here.

The Lost Corn Maze

When Professor Sniggleworth discovered the first dinosaur bone in the maze, little did we know he had opened a gateway to a whole new dimension. Come and experience the Corn Maze trapped between two times.

The Swamp Walker Zombie Shoot

Help us rescue the Center for Zombie Control Workers and repel the infected before it is too late. Recent indications are that there is a new creature in the swamp that has the ability to reanimate the zombies making our job harder than ever. Each Friday and Saturday Night for the next two weeks beginning at 7:00 pm we will be sending teams into the infected zone in our special designed vehicle Designated the ZK-Deuce. $20 will buy 200 rounds of ammo, use of our basic issue weapon and a seat in the ZK-Deuce trailing platform. $40 will buy 400 rounds of ammo a seat in the ZK Deuce and use of our enhanced weapon.

Watch JD as he prepares for battle.

Welcome to the Haunt Attractions @ Riverside Entertainment.

We are closed for the season!


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